Grazing Tables, The Latest Trend for 2020!

When it comes to the latest wedding trends for 2020 grazing is the one! Sophie’s Cupcakes is bringing grazing to the North West! Grazing tables are ideal for weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, corporate events in fact, almost any celebration!

A grazing table has taken over the meaning of the term ‘buffet’. They are an artistic, styled landscape of high-quality cheeses, cured meats, artisan breads, nuts, breads, dips and condiments and fresh produce. They are designed to allow guests to help themselves whilst socialising. In terms of where this trend originated from, it was Australia! However, the craze is beginning to take over the UK too!

Now you might be thinking why should I opt for a grazing table at my next event or celebration? Well, here is 5 reasons why you should:

1. Allow for guests to mix with each other

Grazing tables are a great way for guests to be able to chat, get to know each other and socialise whilst deliberating over which delicacy to choose first!

2. We use high quality, local produce

All our grazing tables and boxes use the highest quality, local produce. This includes sourcing locally made cheeses, seasonal produce and homemade treats. This makes grazing table the perfect addition to your wedding if you are planning an Eco-friendly wedding that supports sustainability!

3. Grazing tables allow for a mix of dietary requirements

Grazing tables are perfect to ensure that all guests dietary requirements are looked after. If you would like to customise your menu to be vegan, gluten free or dairy free then we can!

4. They aren’t just for savoury!

Grazing isn’t just for cheeses and cured meats! Dessert and sweet grazing tables are becoming a huge trend too and I am certain that your guests will love them! Unveiling a dessert table heaving with different dessert where your guests can pick their favourites as perfect, even better they can come back later in the evening to indulge some more.

5. They add a real WOW factor to your event

Grazing tables are styled landscapes of food that are exceptionally pleasing on the eye. We style them with fresh and artificial flowers to really give them that edgy look. We can guarantee that people will be talking about your graze for a long time afterwards!

If you would like to know more about our grazing tables, such as a sample menu, please see our grazing table page here. Or, if you would like to arrange one for your upcoming event, please get in touch here. We are able to cater for any weddings, baby showers or corporate events in and around Lancashire for a small, mileage based fee.

Sophie xo

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